Go behind the headlines and see the places you hear about in the media, firsthand.

We offer a range of half and full-day tours, visiting the most complex and talked-about locations in Israel, to see the reality with your own eyes and discuss it with expert guides. We’ll discuss issues of history, strategic affairs, security, intelligence and more.

Selected tours include the Southern border, the Northern Border, the West Bank, Jerusalem and much more.

Tours must be booked two weeks in advance and are open ONLY to groups of 10 people and more.

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Do Good Fences make Good Neighbors?

Visit Israel’s Security Fence and tour along the lines between Eastern and Western Jerusalem to get a detailed insight to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role of the Holy City. Learn about issues of security, strategic threats and religious co-existence in this complex reality of Israel.

The Road between War & Peace - Jerusalem Corridor

The roads leading to Jerusalem have served as a historic, religious and strategic testimony to the importance of the city. Take a unique “off-the-beaten-path” tour of Jerusalem’s past & get a look into its future.

People, History & Security: the Future of Jerusalem

Proposed peace agreements have addressed the issue of Jerusalem and this poses significant ramifications to the city’s demography and security. Tour along the northern border of Jerusalem and get an understanding how narratives and numbers play-out in the reality on the ground. Learn more, scrutinize and envision the future of Jerusalem for yourself.

Southern Borders

In the Negev Lies the Future of Israel

From historic times, the Negev desert has played a crucial role in defining Israel’s identity as a regional hub for innovation, economic prosperity, environmental advancement and co-existence. Travel along the ‘road-not-taken’ to see the different colors of Israel, in a regional perspective.

Real Life On the Israel / Gaza Border

Visit one of the Gaza border crossings for an overview of the region, including a briefing by the IDF spokesperson responsible for humanitarian aid into Gaza. You’ll be amazed by what you learn. Understand more about the rockets and missiles that have barraged the South of Israel for over a decade. Hear from residents and security officials about what is going on in Gaza, the threat of Hamas and Salafist groups, the “Terror Tunnels” and get and in-depth perspective on the threats caused by terror.

Northern Borders

Living in a tough neighborhood

Get a strategic overview and an up-to-date analysis on the current situation with Israel’s northern neighbors, as well as an expert historical overview of the area. Learn about the implications of the Syrian situation as well as the Lebanese instability on Israel’s security.

Borderline Affairs

Follow the northern borders of Israel to get an understanding of the historical, geographical, demographic and ethnic boundaries that were created in the region. Visit unique and intriguing sites, and learn about the North of Israel like you’ve never seen it before.

West Bank / Judea & Samaria

Israeli and Palestinian Communities in the West Bank / Judea & Samaria

What is life like for both Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank? Are “Settlements” the barrier to peace? Can and do the different peoples coexist? Learn about the biblical history as well as the recent history of the area and understand more about the physical complexities of the intertwined communities. What does the future hold for these communities. Visit, tour, and make up your own mind.

Hebron: History & Conflict Management

The ancient Jewish city of Hebron, is nowadays one of the most challenging areas in Israel. Yet beyond the headlines, Israeli and Palestinian leadership in managing their way through the ongoing conflict. Meet with the IDF humanitarian unit to hear about their unique mission and the dilemmas that arise from it and learn the real story from people on the ground.