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Once in a Lifetime: Israel

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Once in a Lifetime: Israel bring the most influential social media personalities to Israel for an amazing tour which they share with their online audience.

This groundbreaking program began in 2010, pioneered by student Fellows of the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship. Since then Once in a Lifetime: Israel has brought leading bloggers, Instagram photographers and other social media superstars from around the globe to Israel for an unforgettable experience.

You can follow these tours – both past and present – via the links below.

Do you qualify to come on a Once in a Lifetime: Israel Experience?

We are always looking to connect with influential online photographers from around the world and social media personalities with a large number of followers.

If that’s you and you’d like to join us and see Israel: from historical sites, incredible landscapes and a wide array of culture events to breathtaking beaches and a vibrant nightlife, then get in touch!

Contact us:

Instagram: @onceinalifetimehd
Facebook: Once in a Lifetime HD
Twitter: @onceinalifehd

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